Some interesting news about Seratonin

Earlier this year, the American Chemical Society, reported that Serotonin, isn't a key player in depression.


This surprised a lot of people in academic circles, others, not so much. In 2010 a man with virtually no Seratonin or Dopamine was found. Oddly enough, this patient really only complained of lack of motivation and sleep deprivation. With the two discoveries in recent history it really throws a commonly assumed method of thought out of the window. With Serotonin by this discovery, and dopamine by the past discoveries not being the solid key factors in depression we thought before, it affects the entire continuum of Psychology and youth work completely. At the top, researchers and Psychologists must reevaluate their methodology about serotonin and dopamine. All those lower on the treatment continuum must now look into other factors when treating their clientele. CYW's that may have their youth on Serotonin or Dopamine boosting diets may need to re-evaluate their thinking in doing so.


The mystery continues with the brain, it's workings, and the way to properly treat it.

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OACYC push for legislation

The OACYC pushed for legislation again this year, with the petition sent in on October 31st. Child and Youth Workers, much like ECE's wish to have a legislated governing body. This is to ensure that not just anyone can call themselves a Child and Youth worker. The OACYC hold their members to high standards with their own set of code of ethics. A CYW who is not part of the OACYC is not bound to their code of ethics, and therefore cannot be governed effectively. This means they may use treatments that are not morale, sanctioned, or in some cases even legal. 

If you wish to join the OACYC's battle to become legislated, you can connect with them via or their email,

St. Lawrence CYW students running Pink Shirt Day Event

The yearly "Pink Shirt Day" is rapidly arriving, and this writer is proud to be a part of it this year. The St. Lawrence College Child and Youth Worker students are again putting on a wonderful show at the K-Rock, and a youth focussed gathering at the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston.

Bullying is a scary part of today's reality, with major paradigm shifts. When I was in school, the advice was always to "Stand up to your bullies, don't run away.". Now we encourage youth not to engage in physical violences as a means of a solution. The Pink Shirt Day event makes a point on educating youth that their actions may hurt. It started after a youth wore a pink shirt to school, and was teased for it. The next day, a group of other students showed up, all wearing pink shirts. 

If you have time, check out the official twitter @KSPO2015

What is a CYW?

I'm pretty active in my school community. I volunteer for a bunch of events, I get asked the same thing every time.

What do you do? What is a CYW? 


It's an interesting question, one with no real short answer. If I'm giving a tour I try to just say "I can work anywhere really on the social spectrum from working in a group home, to working as an EA.What does that mean still? Is there no really solid definition? I mean, I've seen the difference in the methodology between an SSW and a CYW. I've see the difference in methodology between higher educated persons in the field and CYWs. We seem to be in this place inbetween all the angles. We are trained and educated enough to know the usage and meaning of medication, yet we know ways to not do so. We are trained to know when to let someone go, and let them get to the state where they want help. 

Without having a legislative body, how can we have any real role? A CYW could end up being hired for a foodbank worker. A CYW could end up being put into any role. What does it matter unless there is any real role.

Just some food for thought