So we’re doing this again

Years ago I used to have a blogspot, a wordpress.com account, and various forum accounts and blogs elsewhere.

A lot of them I just kinda jokingly threw out or stopped because I intentionally wanted to distance myself from my kink, my mental health, and my shitty thoughts that encapsulate much of what I do and think of. I didn’t provide reasons or anything.

And that’s not fair to a lot of people. To myself, because I need to get things out there, in case whatever happens. To those around me, having to deal with whatever shit is festering inside my head. And the people who I guess want to see me in the future.

So I’ll put about two or three types of blogs. Stories/profiles of people in my life that I miss, or that I don’t have that same connection with. Opinions of dumb shit in the world, and lastly just thoughts that are creeping out.

so… hello again

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